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Commercial Model Garratt Locomotives

Manufacturers, what they make/made/scale

I do not claim that this list is complete but contains all that I know of. Hopefully at some stage I might be able to include pictures of all the models and links to the manufacturers. As always any corrections and updates are welcome.

Accucraft Trains

NG/G16 2-6-2+2-6-2 32mm & 45mm gauge. 1:19 scale.

Aster Hobby

NSWGR AD60 4-8-2+2-8-4, 1/32nd Scale(45mm gauge), Live Steam, 150 produced.

Avondale Kits

In 1998 Frank Neubauer bought one of these kits but has yet to build it. I haven't been able to discover any more about it except that 50 kits were made.(Frank Neubauer)

This kit is back on the Market, being sold by Mercian Models but is yet to appear on their website - hopefully a picture and more info is on its way. Planning it in Gauge 1?

Meanwhile Phil Parker is building one of these read how he is getting on

Backwoods Miniatures

Darjeeling Himalaya 0-4-0+0-4-0 OO9 kit announced (courtesy Backwoods Miniatures)

South African Railways NG/G16 2-6-2+2-6-2 OO9 kit (courtesy Backwoods Miniatures)

North East Dundas Tramway K 0-4-0+0-4-0 OO9 kit (courtesy Backwoods Miniatures)

South African Railways NG/G16 2-6-2+2-6-2 On3/On30 kit (October 2004)

North East Dundas Tramway K 0-4-0+0-4-0 On3/On30 kit (courtesy Backwoods Miniatures)

UK Industrial 0-4-0+0-4-0 OO/EM/P4 kit (courtesy Backwoods Miniatures)

John Campbell

A John Campbell NG/G16. This one is coal fired and radio controlled

Tom Cooper

16mm scale NG/G16. These are now longer made. If anyone can fill

in the details about these models I would be extremely grateful.

DJH Modelloco

LNER U1, 2-8-0+0-8-2, ref K40, OO scale kit

NSWGR AD60 4-8-4+4-8-4, HO scale kit, ref E168 (also available assembled)

South African Railways GCA 2-6-2+2-6-2, ref E134, HO scale kit

Factory built DJH GMAM in HO (Hans Koppelt)

South African Railways GMA/M 4-8-2+2-8-4, ref E117, HO scale kit (also available assembled)

South African Railways GMA/M 4-8-2+2-8-4, ref E222, HOm scale kit (also available assembled)

ETS Praha

Freelance 2-6-0+0-6-2 rtr 3-rail O scale

Fleetline Road'N'Rail

LMS 2-6-0+0-6-2 body kit, 2mm/N scale

Eureka Models

NSWGR AD60 4-8-4+4-8-4, HO rtr some still available

My Eureka AD 60 (Gavin Hamilton)

Garratt Maker

Building one model of each locomotive of the KUR cl. EC3/EAR cl. 57. Visit their website for more details.(Garrattmaker)

Garden Railway Specialists

Darjeeling Himalaya 0-4-0+0-4-0 kit 16mm scale 32mm or 45mm gauge

J. M. Kits

LMS 2-6-0+0-6-2 'O' gauge (7mm Scale). Requires wheels, motor, vac. pipes and screw couplings to complete

Model pictured owned by Mr. Sawford, & built by the late Mr. Frank Blount(courtesy J.M. Kits)

K's (maybe also known as Keyser) no longer active

LMS 2-6-0+0-6-2, OO scale

Kitmaster (no longer active)

LMS 2-6-0+0-6-2, OO scale plastic (non motorised). One unmade example sold for over £100 recently. Courtesy Thomas Milo


South African Railways NG/G13 2-6-2+2-6-2 G scale? rtr Only 600 made. This one belongs to Stan Silverman, visit his website for some interesting modelling solutions (Stan Silverman).

LGB "Giant" 2-6-2+2-6-2 from the 1977 LGB catalogue - I wonder how many were sold? ("Littletone")


Freelance (based on Darjeeling Himalaya)0-4-0+0-4-0 Live steam 16mm scale 32mm or 45 mm gauge

Nu-Cast(no longer made?)

LNER 2-8-0+0-8-2 OO scale


LMS 2-6-0+0-6-2 (body kit only?) 2mm/N scale

"Haven't a clue"

Someone sent me this scan, It's obviously Japanese and a 'might have been' 2-8-6+6-8-2(!). I know nothing else - can anyone fill in any details?

From Roger Cooper of Australia - "However. The Weyerhaueser. I can’t decide if it is an actual model or a digital ‘construct’ The six wheel, inner, trucks, are pure fantasy – there is

no engineering need for it - and the front ‘porch’ owes much to a Virginian Mallett. Like you, I would be curious to know if it is a real model.

About 11 or 12 years ago, a Japanese outline hobbyist used to get copies of a Japanese N Scale magazine. One issue featured a Weyerhaueser Garratt on the front cover. This one was

streamlined and, unfortunately, I can’t recall the wheel arrangement. It was clearly an artist’s rendition and no more was ever heard about. Looks like the idea hasn’t gone away in Japan.


Not a subject I know a great deal about however there have been at several models:

Model Dockyard, Melbourne.(1960's) AD60 4-8-4+4-8-4 HO (Japanese manufacturer) vertical motors-not a good runner

Model Dockyard, Melbourne.(1970's) AD60 4-8-4+4-8-4 HO (Japanese manufacturer) open frame motors-a good runner

PFM NSWGR 4-8-4+4-8-4 HO - this was the 1970's Model Dockyard example (one sold on eBay recently for about £1500)(Hans Koppelt).

David Anderson, Mansfield Hobbies, Waitara, Sydney. NSWGR AD60 4-8-4+4-8-4 HO (built by Samhongsa) - the brass model to buy (if you can find one...)

Bergs Hobbies, Parramatta, Victorian Government Railways Hon3 2-6-0+0-6-2. Pilot Model produced for Model Dockyard. Also sold by PFM

Fulgurex. This was the second run "Model Dockyard" type - I've seen one, painted blue and lettered for

"The Elephant Timber Co.", for sale on Ebay where it had a starting price of £589 and it failed to

attract a single bid. The vendor was implying that many AD60's had been sold for industrial use whereas

none actually had!

Westside "what if" 2-8-2+2-8-2 based on two DRGW K-27 mechs (Hans Koppelt)

Meanwhile Gerold Eckl had bought this example of the Westside Garratt from Caboose Hobbies in Denver (Gerold Eckl)

Leed's Model Company for BP (full details unknown)

NSWGR 4-6-2+2-6-4, 2" gauge

Details sketchy but thought to be built for Beyer Peacock

NSWGR 4-6-2+2-6-4 2" gauge 'proposal'. Courtesy Simon Colbeck

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