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Non-Commercial Garratt Models

I've defined anything too small to pull a person but not available commercially

as suitable for this section

I've been collecting photographs off the internet for years, but I have not kept any

records about the pictures. So if it's your picture or model let me know the details

and I'll correct the entry

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Frank Neubauer started with a Magic Train and produced this result (Franks Home Page) (Frank Neubauer).

Frank next started with a German War Department 0-6-0 tender engine with the intention of converting it

to a Victorian Government G class 2-6-0+0-6-2 but ended up with this beautiful South African Railways

NG/G 11 2-6-0+0-6-2. See Franks Home Page for details of how he did it (Frank Neubauer).

Ralf Dolata's 45mm gauge live steam Rhodesia Railways 16A. (Ralf Dolata).

45mm gauge, freelance, build on 2 Accucraft Ruby frames by Dave Hottmann, USA

45mm Gauge freelance 2-6-0+0-6-2, coalfired live steam built by Walter Kolb, Gemany

The wonderful thing about scratch building is letting your imagination run away. 45mm gauge, electric, freelance, build by Wilhelm Budde, Germany

An American interpretation of the Garratt theme - two LGB Porters & Phoenix sound system - built by Douglas A. Archer of Irvine, California (Douglas A. Archer)

The big brother of the Porter Garratt - built by Douglas A. Archer of Irvine, California (Douglas A. Archer)

gauge 1, live steam, owner unknown

A small live steamer based on Mamod chassis. The model is owned by Marc Horowitz, the proprietor of Sidestreet Bannerworks and he has published a review of this model on his website -Loco of the month.

45mm gauge, freelance, gasfired, built on 2 Merlin frames, owner and builder unknown (via Ralf Dolata).

K1 scratch built , live steam, 32mm gauge, builder and owner unknown (via Ralf Dolata).

0-6-0+0-6-0, 45mm live steam Garratt on 2 Accucraft superior Frames, gas fired, build by Dave Hottmann, USA (pic from , copyright Dave Hottmann)

Scratch built in brass by Paul Berntsen of Auckland, New Zealand. This (9mm = 1ft) "0"scale electric powered model is a representation of what a NZR (New Zealand Railways) Baby Garratt might have looked like on 3'6" gauge track. (Collectables)


O scale 1/4” (gauge 16.5mm) model of G42 built by Alan Rockett. The model is based on a kit commissioned from Phil Bager with Alan modifying and scratch building additional parts. The picture was taken by Paul Woodward on Alan’s layout. The bridge is a replica of the Monbulk trestle bridge on the Puffing Billy Railway. (Courtesy Damien Woodward)

Torsten Winkler has built this O-16.5 0-6-2+2-6-0 variation on the South African NG/G 13. (Frank Neubauer)

Can't remember who sent me this - obviously based on the Belgian tramway Garratts. Probably G scale.

Malcolm Savage works in 5.5mm/foot scale and as a result has to scratch build - here is his model of K1 (Malcolm Savage)

Another 5.5mm/foot model scratch built by Malcolm Savage (Malcolm Savage)

Michel Viers built this wonderful HOm model of Algerian 241-142YAT1 from kitchen table photo-etchings. Full details in the Juliet 2007 Voie Libre (Loco Revue) (Courtesy Michel Viers)

Colin Edwards modified his Locobox "Darjeeling" Garratt with two Roundhouse "Billy" chassis (Colin Edwards)

He then used the remains of the Locobox running gear with a Cheddar Models "Puffin" power plant on top making it a vertical boiler Garratt, "it doesn't look pretty but it runs very well". (Colin Edwards)

H0 Scale working model East African Railways 59 class - scratch built. Owned by Kevin Patience (Kevin Patience)

Sn3.5 (1/64) Scale 16.5mm gauge working model - scratch built Australian Standard Garratt. Built by Allan Howe (Murray Hartzer)

7mm scale "18F" based on a double 9F - built for Graham Kelsey and displayed at the Garratt 50

Greg Wissing sent me this example of a freelance idea of a 2'6" 20 ton Tramway Semi-Garratt (Steam connections not through bolsters), inside cyls, wood burner with a Dutch feel to it.(Greg Wissing)

Another example from Greg Wissing, this one a 2'6" 36 ton Tramway Garratt, oil burner (Greg Wissing)

A model of an idea? Someone had proposed a Garratt for the RHDR (15" gauge)in "The Marshlander" (RHDR magazine) - Autumn 1976 issue(#76) and this model was seen on Graham Lindley's "Hythe" exhibition layout(12mm/ft scale, 16.5mm gauge) - the model was built by Ian Turner. The body was from plastic, the boiler being domestic drainpipe, carried on two HO scale Fleischmann 2-6-2T Class 064 German Tank locomotive chassis (Picture Graham Kelsey)

Stolen from the Japanese O Gauge modellers website built by Kotaro Sano to see it but you'll need a translating package) I've heard from him but hopefully he doesn't mind

Another one stolen from the same Japanese O Gauge modellers website Built by Kotaro Sano but hopefully he won't mind

the last one from the same Japanese O Gauge modellers website Built by Kotaro Sano, hopefully he won't mind

A very German interpretation of an Industrial Garratt built by Armin Bothmann (Armin Bothmann)

A UK Industrial on LGB chassis built by Armin Bothmann (Armin Bothmann)

An interpretation on 2 x LGB 4-6-0 chassis built by Michael Lawrence in Norfolk (UK) (Michael Lawrence)

An extreme interpretation of an advanced streamlined Garratt by Bill Bivings (Bill Bivings)

A 'maybe' ETWNC Garratt by Bill Bivings (Bill Bivings)

A 'maybe' US 'logging' Garratt by Bill Bivings (Bill Bivings)

Another 'maybe' US 'logging' Garratt by Bill Bivings (Bill Bivings)

HO scale CFA 231+132BT built by Werner Schneider in Switzerland (Werner Schneider)

Another view of the HO scale CFA 231+132BT built by Werner Schneider in Switzerland (Werner Schneider)

Another US (SP style) Garratt-Mallett by Bill Bivings (Bill Bivings)

Russian style 2-6-2+2-6-2 built by Igor Kashlakov, named "Archie" after his Yorkshire Terrier (Igor Kashlakov)

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