The Garratt Locomotive

Other Types of Articulated Locomotives

I have been asked if I was going to show other types of articulated locomotives, so I've now started.

At present I am utilising a selection of photographs to show the types, I can deal with Fairlies & Shays from my own collection.

but most will listed but not pictured at first

Du Bousquet

This HO scale model was purchased from Ebay by myself (I won't mention the price paid) This model was designed by Trans-Europ (Rue de Douai - 75009 Paris) and issued as a kit in 6 sets, in 1990.

Double Fairlie

Ffestiniog Railway "Merddin Emrys"(Boston Lodge 1879) at Portmadoc in 1993 (Gavin Hamilton photograph)

Single Fairlie

Ffestiniog Railway "Taliesin"(Boston Lodge 1999) approaching Boston Lodge in July 2017 (Roger Maybourne photograph)


Shay #14 (Lima 2385/1916) crossing the High Bridge on the Georgetown Loop 4th July 2002 (Gavin Hamilton)



A Bachmann Climax from my collection (G Hamilton Picture)

Saxon Meyer

A Rivarossi model of Saxon-Meyer DRG 98009 - originally built as Koniglich Sachsische Staats-Eisenbahn #1386 by Richard Hartmann of Chemnitz (3678/1913), later DRG it wasn't withdrawn until 1969/70

Bagnall Articulated

"Monarch" (Bagnall 3024/1953) on display at Welshpool (Raven Square)-W&LLR, 05/09/2015 (Gavin Hamilton)


Ivory Coast Railway 2-6-6-2 (Haine St Pierre -/1927) (collection Gavin Hamilton)

Congo Ocean Railway 2-6-6-4 'Super Golwe'(Batignolles -/1935) (collection Gavin Hamilton)

Kitson Meyer

One of the last Kitson Meyer's built (by Robert Stephenson for Columbia) it was scrapped in 1962

A different design, built by Beyer Peacock for the FCAB, at least one now being robbed on the famous Unuyi Dump in Bolivia



This was the nearest Mallet to home. Reseau Breton 0-6-6-0T #415 (Etablissements Piquet - Lyon-Anzin 116/1914) in a floral setting at Carhaix Station (David Lee)

"Paku Baru #5" (Orenstein & Koppel 1473/1905) from Statfold Barn, with a demonstration Freight train at Cyfronydd on the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (05/09/2015 - Gavin Hamilton)

Simple Articulated

The largest currently (and probably for ever more)active simple articulated - Union Pacific "Challanger" 3985 in Boise, Idaho (Trevor Heath)

Norfolk & Western "A" 1218 pictured near Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1987 - during its all too brief revival (Trevor Heath)

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