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Arranged in order of Date of production & works number

The pictures are chosen for reasons of historic interest before photographic quality

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The first, K1 T.G.R. Garratt locomotive "K" class No. 1(BP 5292/1909) at the Tasmanian Smelting Company works near Zeehan on the West Coast of Tasmania in the early 1920s. Note the dual gauge track of 2ft and 3ft 6in gauges. (Photo Dennis Camplin Collection - Courtesy Greg Cooper)

The second design, Darjeeling Himalaya Railway #31 (BP 5407/1909) while not entirely sucessful it ran until 1953.

Western Australian Government Railway class M #388 (BP 5477/1911).

Compagnie du Chemins du Fer du Congo #101 (St. Leonard 1708/1911) - complete with a strange oil burning set up with a flue under the boiler.

T.G.R. Garratt locomotive "M" class No. 1 or 2 on a special passenger train at Wynyard station (North West Coast of Tasmania). The train was used to celebrate the official opening of the Myalla to Wiltshire Junction extension of the T.G.R. Western Line on the 12th of july 1922. (Photo A. Gregory - Geoff Love Collection - courtesy Greg Cooper)

T.G.R Garratt locomotive "L" class No. 1 (BP 5525/1912) powering up grade past Horse Head Creek with a mixed goods train on the T.G.R. Western Line near Devonport (Tasmania's North West Coast) in 1944/45. (T.G.R. Photo - courtesy Greg Cooper)

C. F. Vicinaux du Mayumbe class A #1A (St. Leonard 1744/1913) - this was in what was then the Belgian Congo.

Mogyana Railway, Brazil #156 (BP 5529/1912).

Sao Paulo Railway - EF Bragantina, Brazil class U #8 (BP 5664/1912).

Western Australian Government Railway class Ms #424 (BP 5665/1912).

Algeria - Societe Anonyme des Mines du Zaccar #5 (St. Leonard 1781/1912).

Arakan Flotilla Company, Buthiduang-Maungdaw Tramway #1, "Buthiduang" (BP 5702/1913). The smallest design built by Beyer Peacock, the line closed in 1926.

Mogyana Railway, Brazil #191 (BP 5789/1914) after renumbering as # 704, this was the second order with small detail differences from the first delivery.(Cia. Paulista Railway Museum-BRAZIL via Marcelo Lordeiro).

Sao Paulo Railway - Class Q, 111 (BP 5893/1915) early in its career (Collection Jose Beraldo)

Sao Paulo Railway - EF Bragatina #9 (Sao Paulo Railway, Lapa workshops -/1919) a very rare beast - a home made Garratt, even Durrant didn't know about this one! (Nilson Rodrigues Collection via Kelso Medici).

The first South African Garratt - class GA #1649 (BP 5941/1920), later 2140 it was withdrawn in 1938.

South African Railways - Class GB 2166(BP 5942/1921), now restored to working order climbing from fourth to fifth reverse en route to Barkly East in 1992.(David Guelpa)

South African Railways #51 (BP 5975/1919) - the first two foot gauge SAR Garratt.

C. F. Vicinaux du Mayumbe class B #2B (St. Leonard 1900/1919)

Compagnie du Chemins du Fer du Congo #112 (St. Leonard 1901/1920) - obviously the strange oil burner didn't work too well!

New Cape Central Railway #G1 (BP 6135/1923) later became South African Railways class GK #2340 before withdrawal in 1957.

The first UK Industrial Design, Vivian & Sons, Cardiff #10 (BP 6172/1924). Later British Copper & ICI #23 it was withdrawn and scrapped in 1949.

Trans Zambezia Railway class E #5 (BP 6178/1924). It was withdrawn in 1947.

Burma Railways class B #21 (BP 6180/1924).

South African Railways class GB #2162 (BP 6183/1924). It was withdrawn and scrapped in 1967.

South African Railways class GC #2182 (BP 6189/1924). This one was withdrawn in 1962.

South African Railways - Class GE, 1st order - number unknown(BP -/1924), climbing the Hibberds bank between Mtubatuba and Empangeni in 1970. (David Guelpa)

Compagnie du Chemins du Fer du Congo #129 (St. Leonard 2006/1924) - the third design for this company.

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