The Garratt Locomotive

Pictures of Garratt Locomotives - 2

Arranged in order of Date of production & works number

The pictures are chosen for reasons of historic interest before photographic quality

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Ferrocarril Pacifico de Colombia #30 (Armstrong Whitworth 566/24) withdrawn 1944 as "unsuited to the Pacifico's lines".

South African Railways - Class NG/G 11, NG54(BP 6199/1925), as preserved at De Aar - now preserved operative in Port Elizabeth. (David Guelpa)

South African Railways - Class NG/G 11, NG55(BP 6200/1925), as preserved at Weenen.

North Western Railway, India class GAS # 480 (BP 6203/1925). It was bought to compare with a Mallet but both were replaced by secondhand 2-10-0's. This loco was scrapped in 1937.

London & North Eastern Railway - Class U1, 2395(BP 6209/1925) running as British Railways 69999(Unknown Photographer via Martin Blanchard).

South African Railways class GG #2290 (BP 6232/1925) - a not entirely successful one-off it none the less survived until 1947.

C. F. Madagascar #101 (St. Leonard 2031/1926).

Cia. Gral. Ferrocarriles Catalanes #108 (St. Leonard 2038/1925)shown at Sallent after withdrawal in 1965.

Compagnie du Chemins du Fer du Congo #136 (St. Leonard 2043/1925) - the final development for this company.

Bengal Nagpur Railway, India #692(BP 6262/1925). It became South Eastern Railway #3869

Victoria Government Railway, Australia narrow gauge G class, G42 (BP 6268/1926). Ready to depart from Belgrave on the Puffing Billy Railway on the weekend of 17/18th April 2004, with its first train since 1962 after a rebuild lasting many years and costing more than A$1,000,000 (Gordon Ross).

Rhodesia Railways 13th class, either #162 or #163 (BP 6271 or 6272/1926) after sale to the Rhokana Corporation in 1939 - one was later destroyed after colliding with a lorry load of dynamite!

South African Railways class GD (BP 1925/6), an early view at an unknown location with an interesting collection of coaches (S. V. Blencowe Collection).

Nitrate Railways (Ferrocarril Salitrero), Chile #121 (BP 6292/1926).

Sierra Leone Government Railway - #50 (BP 6297/1926) as built.

Kenya Uganda Railway class EC #41 (BP 6300/1926). Sold to Indo China in 1939.

C. F. Vicinaux du Mayumbe class C #2C (St. Leonard 2057/1926)

South African Railways - Class GCA, 2191(Krupp 971/1927), Bulwer 1971 (David Guelpa)

Ottoman Railway Company #225 (BP 6324/1927) - a very backward design, using slide valves & saturated steam, for 1927. The ORC became part of TCDD in 1935. The remains of this locomotive were photographed in the late 1940's still carrying the ORC number which suggests a fairly short working life.

London Midland & Scottish Railway - 4997(BP 6325/1927)as built and fitted with vacuum brakes and screw couplings for trials(Unknown Photographer via Martin Blanchard).

Benguela Railway, Angola class 10A #304 (BP 6336/1927), this one is a wood burner. (Picture Basil Roberts, Richard Pelham collection)

Dundee Coal Co., South Africa #5 (BP 6353/1927), sold later to the Transvaal Navigation Collieries.

Burma Railways class GA II #208 (BP 6354/1927), the second & last compound Garratt design built.

FCER - Entre Rios Railway, Argentina #401 (BP 6355/1927). Identical locomotives were supplied the the associated FCNEA.

South African Railways class NG/G 12 #57 (Societe Franco-Belge de Chemins de Fer, La Croyere, Belgium 2507/1927). This was a Beyer Peacock sub-contract, the BP works number would have been 6366/1927.

Sao Paulo Railway class R2 #163 (BP 6370/1927) as built.

Sao Paulo Railway class R2 #162 (BP 6369/1927) as rebuilt to 4-6-2+2-6-4 configuration.

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