The Garratt Locomotive

Pictures of Garratt Locomotives - 3

Arranged in order of Date of production & works number

The pictures are chosen for reasons of historic interest before photographic quality

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Trans Zambesia Railway class E #7 (BP 6380/1927). Withdrawn in 1947.

Mauritius Railway # 60, (BP 6381/1927)

C. F. Vicinaux du Mayumbe class C #2C (St. Leonard 2096/1927)

Sucrerie de Piracicaba, Brazil, #6 (St. Leonard 2108/1927). (Courtesy Alberto H Del Bianco)

Assam Bengal Railway class T #401 (BP 6385/1927), later Bengal Assam Railway #191 it was withdrawn c1941.

South African Railways - Class NG/G 13, NG60(Hanomag 10551/1927) Out of use in the 'loco shed' at the Schinznacher Baumschulbahn (SCHBB) near Schinznach-Bad, Switzerland

I was in Switzerland on Holiday and found it by following instructions recieved in a Facebook message (3 Trains and a bus to get there), and got a footplate ride through a greenhouse! (Gavin Hamilton)

South African Railways - Class NG/G 13, NG60(Hanomag 10551/1927) After arrival at the Vale of Rheidol Railway, Aberystwyth (August 2018)(Gavin Hamilton)

South African Railways - Class NG/G 13, NG49(Hanomag 10599/1928) "stored" at Umlaas Road

Ceylon Government Railway class C1 #241(BP 6410/1927). No more appeared until 1945.

Burma Railways class GA III (BP 6411-6413/1927), running numbers 209 - 211.

South African Railways - Class GF, 2413 (Henschel 21059/1928), Franklin shed June 1972 (David Guelpa)

Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway # 4862 (BP 6428/1928). Became F. C. Nacional General Roca #4862.

New Zealand Government Railways - Class G, 98(BP 6484/1928), specially painted for its works picture (New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society)

Burma Railways - Class B/GA IV, 490(Krupp 1082/1929)from a damaged print, incidently the only picture of this class I've seen.

SNCV Belgian Secondary Railways - Class 23, 850(Société Anonyme St. Leonard 2121/1929) - not a clear shot but it is a Garratt!

South African Railways - Class GDA, 2259(Linke Hoffmann 3119/1929) preserved near Krugersdorp

Rhodesia Railways - 14th Class, 220(BP 6515/1929), before it was sold to the Camhinos de Ferro Mocambique in 1949 as their 906. (Ted Hamer collection)

Antofagasta(Chili) & Bolivia Railway - number unknown(BP -/1929), Uyuni dump, Bolivia (Jim Lackner)

Guayaquil & Quito Railway #103 (BP 6529/1929). All acquired rebuilt bunkers, one later "blew up"! In 1977 there was a boiler in Duran Workshops, a bunker (used as a fuel tank) at Bucay and some cylinders in the Chan Chan River (additional information from Jack Neville)

South African Railways Class GL, 2351(BP 6531/1930) on her test run near Lynchfield, after restoration. 1990 (David Guelpa).

Buenos Aires & Pacific Railway - Gran Oeste Argentina section #951 (BP 6532/1929).

Transandine Railway, Argentina #62 (BP 6544/1929). Later F. C. General Belgrano class E12 #1562.

Cordoba Central Railway, Argentina class C12 #1520 (BP 6559/1929) later F. C. General Belgrano #1520.

Rio Tinto, Spain #146 (BP 6561/1930).As originally displayed at the mines site. Now preserved at Zarandas Depot (unknown photographer via Jose Ramon)

Rhodesia Railways 16th class #223 (BP 6564/1929) later renumbered 602 it was sold to the Camhinos de Ferro Benguela in August 1964 and numbered 381. Is it still in existance?

Buenos Aires Midland Railway class H #101 (BP 6570/1929). Became F. C. Belgrano 9101 being withdrawn by 1950.

Leopoldina Railway, Brazil #380 (BP 6572/1929).

New E.B.R. Garratt No. 12(BP 6580/1929) and staff pose for the photographer at Burnie, (North West Coast of Tasmania) before heading off on a test train to the West Coast in March 1930. (Winter's Photo - Courtesy Greg Cooper)

Great Western of Brazil Railway #238, (Armstrong Whitworth 1024/1929), it lasted until about 1967, latterly as Rede Ferroviaria do Nordeste #601.

Bengal Nagpur Railway class N #814 (BP 6587/1929). Became South Eastern Railway 38814. 821 of this class is preserved in the Delhi Railway Museum.

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