The Garratt Locomotive

Pictures of Garratt Locomotives - 4

Arranged in order of Date of production & works number

The pictures are chosen for reasons of historic interest before photographic quality

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Benguela Railway class 10aII #320 (BP 6615/1929)

Central Railway of Peru, one of #122-124 (BP 6626-8/1929). Not entirely appropriate for the railway these were later renumbered 400-2.

Ceylon Government Railway class H1 #293 (BP 6629/1929).

El Ferrocarril de la Robla #80 (Hanomag 10646/1929).

South African Railways class NG/G14 #84 (Hanomag 10747/1930). It ran until about 1950 and may have been sold for industrial use.....

Royal State Railways, Thailand #451 (Henschel 21618/1929).

Western Australian Government Railway class Msa #468 (Midland Junction 48/1930).

Nigeria Railways 201 class #201 (BP 6635/1931). Redesignated 901 class #901, this design was too powerful and later Nigerian Garratts were a 4-6-2+2-6-4 type.

Kenya Uganda Railway class EC1 #66 (BP 6638/1930) later East African Railways 5102 it was withdrawn in 1954.

FCNEA - Argentine North Eastern Railway # 202 (BP 6646/1930). Identical locomotives were supplied to associated FCER (Entre Rios Railway).

London Midland & Scottish Railway - 4980(BP 6661/1930)showing the rotary bunker fitted to most of the class(Unknown Photographer via Martin Blanchard).

Compania Minera de Sierra Menera, Spain, #501 (Euskalduna 189/1930). This locomotive survived until at least 1971.

Bengal Nagpur Railway class NM #831 (BP 6710/1930). Later South Eastern Railway 38831.

South African Railways, third series class GE #2276 (BP 6716/1930). The locomotives supplied to the Sierra Leone Development Corporation were built to this design.

Tanganyika Railway class GA - #701 (BP 6719/1931) as East African Railways 5302. (Chris Greville collection)

Central of Aragon 101,(Euskalduna 191/1931), later RENFE 0462F0401, was withdrawn from service in about 1971 and is shown preserved at Vilanova I la Geltru Railway Museum near Barcelona. This class was known as "Garraff" to RENFE staff. (picture John Hewitt/translation of Spanish information Helen Labrooy).

Viacao Ferrea do Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil, #908 (Henschel 22054/1931) - note the striking design - (Courtesy Alberto H Del Bianco)

The unique inside cylinder Garratt - Limburg Tramway 51, (Henschel 22063/1931).

Kenya-Uganda Railway class EC2 - #68 (NBL 24071/1931) as East African Railways 5202. (Chris Greville collection).

PLM, Algeria 241-142YAT1 (Societe Franco-Belge, Raismes, France 2673/1931).

El Ferrocarril de la Robla #82 (Babcox & Wilcox 421/1931) a repeat on the earlier Hanomag locomotives for this company.

UK Industrial for Sneyd Colliery, Burslem, #3 (BP 6729/1931). It worked until 1962 and was scrapped in July 1963.

FCC - Central Railway of Peru, #125 (BP 6731/1932) later #403

Nepal Government Railway - #6 (BP 7243/1947) pictured at Khajuri 27/02/1984 (photograph courtesy of Joe Lloyd, photographed by the late P.A.G. Michie - copyright Manchester Locomotive Society)

Russian State Railways - Ya-01(BP 6737/1932)(Soviet Official via Philippe Quiot)

PLM, Algeria 231-132AT1 (Societe Franco-Belge, Raismes, France 2678/1932) as built.

PLM, Algeria 231-132AT1 (Societe Franco-Belge, Raismes, France 2678/1932) after rebuilding with transverse double chimney and Cossart valve gear.

Guest, Keen & Baldwins, Cardiff #12 (BP 6779/1934)pictured in 1949. This one survived until 1958 (unknown photgrapher - collection G. Hamilton).

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