The Garratt Locomotive

Just occasionally things don't go according to plan.... and anything else I can't classify....

The pictures are of variable quality for obvious reasons

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Rhodesia Railways 1930's - a 14th class in trouble(Ted Hamer collection).

Rhodesia Railways - 2 16th class in a cornfield meet(Ted Hamer collection).

Rhodesia Railways - a 15th class head on with a class DE2 at Leighwoods(Ted Hamer collection).

South African Railways - Class GL, 2353(BP 6640/1930), the day the reverser failed, Glencoe loco depot 1967. (David Guelpa)

Western Australian Government Railways 12th September 1944 - an ASG in trouble at Claremont, Perth (J. Stanbridge).

Emu Bay Railway - one of the Beyer Peacock Garratts hit a log and this was the result.. (Dennis Camplin).

Emu Bay Railway - another angle (Dennis Camplin).

Emu Bay Railway - a final view (Dennis Camplin).

Queensland Government Railways - Class "Beyer Garratt", 1102(SAFB 2917/1951, BP 7435/1951) on its side near Sherwood station in Brisbane, early 1950's (George E. McHugh Photo Collection)

FCAB Unuyi dump - one of the 1929 Garratts has been attacked by moths (Jim Lackner).

Zambia Railways - Livingstone dump 1972, this one defintately needs new tyres("rufus").

Zambia Railways - Livingstone dump 1972("rufus").

Zambia Railways - Livingstone dump 1972("rufus").

South African Railways - Little & Large, NG/G16 and GMAM, most likely at Donnybrook (David Guelpa)

National Railways of Zimbabwe - P15 shop Bulawayo Works - July 2001 (Trevor Heath)

Guyaquil and Quito Railway, Duran workshops 1977 - a Garratt boiler supplies steam (Jack Neville)

Guyaquil and Quito Railway, Bucay 1977. The G & Q built new bunkers to improve visibility on this lines extreme curvature. Here is one of the bunkers in use as a oil fuel tank. (Jack Neville)

Two of the Ansaldo Garratts being shipped, whether these are for Libya or Eritrea is unknown. (Courtesy Mauro Longarini)

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